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Best Tapas in Granada

We think we have some of the best tapas Granada has to offer and they're certainly different! We're very proud of our range of international tapas, each one is as different as the last and each one is prepared with loving care.

You get to choose your tapa from our menu so you'll always get something you like:

Pescado / Fish

  • Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá (Bacalao estilo Portugués)
    Portuguese style salt cod

Cerdo / Pork

  • Pincho de cerdo y piña
    Skewer of grilled pork and pineapple
  • Estofado de Carne con 'Piri-Piri' (Guiso de cerdo en salsa picante 'Piri-Piri')
    Spicy ´Piri-Piri´ pork stew
  • Feijoada Brasileira (Guiso Brasileña de alubias negras y cerdo)
    Brazilian black bean and pork stew

Pollo / Chicken

  • Galinha de Coco y Funji (Pollo en salsa de coco con polenta)
    Chicken in coconut sauce with polenta
  • Pollo en salsa Thailandés
    Chicken in spicy Thai sauce
  • Hígado de Pollo Picante con Cilantro
    Spicy Chicken Liver with Cilantro

Vegetariana/ Vegetarian

  • Verduras Italianas
    Italian style vegetables
  • Ensalada de Garbanzos
    Chickpea salad

Come join us - we're open from 8pm until late, tapas are served until 12.30am. See you soon!


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